What We Do

The lighting design we think about is to be closer to nature

Nowadays, LEDs are constantly evolving, computers are able to create a variety of designs, and light is evolving rapidly. In such an evolution, we consider how to use light and how to introduce it into our lives from all angles, and propose a light design that adapts to the needs of our customers and the changing times.

We basically try to bring the lighting design closer to natural light. In particular, we are focusing on the generation of light that makes us feel the passage of time. As the surroundings darken from dusk to night, the illuminated structures emerge. And at night, we can see the moving collaboration between the starry sky and the night view. Through the lighting space that changes from moment to moment with the passage of time, we express the maximum beauty that people can remember.


What is the value of lighting design?

We believe that the value of lighting design is to create a comfortable space, convey the charm of the building, and thereby promote the sale of products. In order to provide those values, we clearly verbalize the conceived state of light in our lighting design proposals.

  • Design intention and purpose
  • Why the light condition is appropriate
  • The facts that support it
  • What the space / structure looks like
  • What kind of atmosphere will the space have?
  • How people who see the space / structure feel

As described above, we will explain to our customers the meaning and role of each light in lighting design.


Creating a space of light

We consider light as a material for design, and we consider the balance of all kinds of light, such as natural light, fireplace flames, and candlelight, and put it in the space. When designing light, we also focus on the movement of people in space. We imagine what a person does in a space and create the optimal light space for that place.


Lighting design for a comfortable living space

In the lighting design of the living space, it is necessary to use different brightness for day and night for a comfortable living space. Through lighting design, we will create a living environment where residents can spend their time comfortably.
Lighting scene example: Day mode / Night mode / Midnight mode, etc.


Lighting simulations

We perform lighting simulations as needed. We can verify what kind of lighting movement and brightness is good by the values specified by the lighting standards such as illuminance, glare limit value, and uniformity. By analyzing the brightness required for the place, we can create an accurate space.


Electrical system design

We design electrical systems and build lighting control systems such as Lutron system, DAIL control, and DMX color production control. If necessary, we also support the following.

  • Power supply: power receiving / transforming board / distribution board / dimming board
  • Power supply classification table: AC / AC-GC / EC
  • Circuit configuration: Flashing circuit / power supply circuit
  • Wiring diagram: System diagram / electrical wiring diagram

We can provide a variety of lighting solutions, from lighting design to system construction and power supply.


We make the cityscape at night a place you want to walk.

We create attractive places where local people gather through lighting design. We maintain a lighting space where people in the area can spend their time safely at night, and we also design the light of the cityscape that is unique to the area, which makes tourists want to walk at night.

We value the preservation of the history, traditions and culture rooted in each region. We will follow the basic plan for each region, take steps, incorporate the opinions of the city, government, and specialists, and create a fascinating new place where people can gather. We would like to create on the region, which has a new charm while preserving the history and culture unique to the city.










  • デザインの意思や目的
  • なぜその光の状態がふさわしいのか
  • その裏付けとなる事実
  • その空間・構造物がどのように見えるか
  • その空間がどのような雰囲気になるのか
  • その空間・構造物を見る人がどのように感じるか









住空間での照明デザインにおいて、快適な住空間のためには、昼と夜それぞれに明るさを使い分ける必要があります。私たちは独自のLight Sceneを通じて、住む人が豊かさを感じられる生活環境を創り上げていきます。

Light scene例:Dayモード/Nightモード/Midnightモードなど






私たちは電気設備設計を行い、Light control システムを構築していきます。ルートロンシステム・DAIL制御・DMXカラー演出制御など、必要に応じて、以下にも対応しています。

  • 電源供給:受変電盤・分電盤・調光盤
  • 電源区分表:AC・AC‐GC・EC
  • 回路構成:点滅回路・電源回路
  • 配線図:システム系統図・電気配線図

私たちは照明デザインからシステム構築・電源供給までTotal Lighting Solutionが可能です。